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What is a Trivet, anyway?

One of our customers' most common questions is "What is a trivet?" Each Wholly Granite trivet is made from reclaimed granite that's shaped by hand. We clean it and smooth the edges a bit, then sand and polish the top before applying cork backing to keep it from scratching furniture.

It's pretty, but what do I do with it?

Anything you like! Traditional trivets originated to act as a barrier, protecting something from damage by extensive heat, (for instance, scarring a wooden dining table with a hot pan full of enchiladas or your uncle's chili).

Give me some ideas!

Our customers tell us they use their trivets for a variety of things, such as:

  • Bases for pillar candles or groupings of votive candles

  • Stacking 2 or more trivets to add height to a candle or houseplant

  • Spoon rest near a stove or cooktop

  • "Gathering place" on a desk for a coffee mug, reading glasses, and favorite pens

  • An attractive base for a French press (because coffee, people!)

  • Leave 2-3 trivets as a centerpiece on a table, with decorative items on top...just remove those items and set hot (or cold) dishes on the trivets for a stylish buffet or family-style dinner

No two are the same, although we do sometimes create multiple trivets from one larger stone. They're fairly small (dimensions are listed in our gallery), and range from $15 - $20.

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