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What's "Reclaimed" granite?

"Reclaimed" is just a different way of saying repurposed or recycled. The granite we use in our creations -- candleholders, serving stones, trivets, and paperweights -- is left over from countertops and backs

plashes, etc. Before these leftover pieces are crushed into small pieces for roadbeds or other less glamorous purposes, we look for pieces we can craft into something beautiful.

Seems simple!'s simple, but not easy.

While we are thrilled to work with granite as a beautiful, natural medium, it's sometimes a challenge to find that "perfect piece" for a project. For every 80-100 pieces of granite we touch, we generally find one or two pieces we love enough to work with.

What about custom orders?

Of course we do custom orders! Let us know what you're interested in, and we'll provide some options and an estimate. You're welcome to share photos or even bring us your own granite. Or if you see an item that you love in one of our galleries but it's already found a home, just let us know and we'll do our best to locate a similar stone for the item you want.

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